Family Owned & Operated

North Alabama BCIA Bull Test Sale

The Sewell family has owned, bred, and sold cattle for over fifty years in Etowah County. In 2012, the operation was converted over to all registered black angus. 

Owners: Donald Sewell, Brandon Sewell, Ronald Sewell    

Two outstanding purebred Angus herd sires will be offered for sale. AI sired from superior AI dams. Both bulls have great structure, capacity, muscle, as well as smooth shoulders. 

LOT #18: Wulffs Ext 6106 x Finks Miss 5525, donor cow

Wt- 1272 lbs

ADG-4.18 Ratio- 102

WDA- 3.46 Ratio-104

​LOT #19: AAR TenX 7008 x Knights Beauty 884 

Wt- 1251 lbs

ADG-4.98 Ratio-122

WDA-3.56 Ratio-107

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Donald Sewell



Brandon Sewell


Ronald Sewell




December 13, 2014

Cullman Stockyards